Why Have a Celebrant Led Wedding?

Sep 14, 2020 | Weddings

It is Your Day, Your Way – it’s my motto, and I stand by it all the way.

The day is about both of you, nobody else… You don’t have to compromise with formats and templates blah blah blah – you decide what you want and we will create it together.

You can have your Ceremony wherever you wish, law of the land permitting of course, I mean, we might struggle to get Buckingham Palace or Wembley… but who knows one day?

Involve your friends and families, guests sometimes like a starring role and will be honoured to contribute alongside their lovely wedding present of course!

Some Civil Weddings – the vows and wording in your ceremony can be very restrictive with no real meaning to you without any warmth or depth, you are unable to have any religious content, should you wish. It’s a fairly generic template of a service. A celebrant ceremony allows us to push out any boundaries, create and craft your own words or they can draft some beautiful fitting vows on your behalf for your approval. You work together to provide a service which truly represents you both.

Choosing the right Celebrant for you is key, every celebrant will have their own style and speciality. You will get to know your celebrant, they wont be a stranger on the day, they will know you and exactly how you wish your ceremony to be. This is the start of a wonderful day and your celebrant is key to that and setting the tone for a happy joyous day. A celebrant leads your guests to feel included in the ceremony, their cohesive inclusive style should be considered, as its important that your guests get that inclusive feel and able to be part of the ceremony.

A celebrant led wedding allows you to tailor make your ceremony with your love story and recognise you as individuals without any restrictions, leaving you in control of your day!

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