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Either as a stand alone service at your engagement, incorporated into your wedding, or renewal of vows or at any time in your partnership I can deliver something just that little bit different which you and your guests will remember for many a year to come.

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“An ancient Celtic ritual in which two people’s hands are tied together to signify the binding of their lives”

Many hundreds if not thousands of years old,
Handfasting is a traditional service which celebrates the joining of 2 people where they formally promise their lives to each other.

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It’s not just about tying the knot, it’s also about keeping the knot tight.

Tiffany Kong
wedding celebrant ceremony with bride and groom

Traditionally the act of Handfasting signified the bond for a year and a day, you can of course pledge your love forever ! Taking coloured ribbons or cord that are woven together, they are tied round your holding hands and you will commit to each other with beautiful words recognising your relationship and feelings.

We can discuss and design your ceremony to take place in a natural setting.


Fee: £450

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I am based in Hampshire and available to travel both nationally and internationally.

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