Moving Home?

Sep 15, 2020 | House Blessing

Moving into a new home really is important time for anyone, it’s a huge transition. It’s often stressful and very emotional.

There can be significant life changes associated with a move, you could be a first time buyer, getting married or moving in with someone. Having a baby or starting a family, getting divorced or separating. Or Down-sizing/retiring. So there can be a lot going on for the home-dweller. There are likely to have been through a significant change and transition on more than one level.

The Purpose and Benefits of a house blessing?

To perform a cleansing and blessing of the house with white sage and positive energy, using the elements to create and cleanse… The process will let go of previous life, clear previous owners energy. To bless the home with positive energy.

Once the house is cleared of anything stagnant or negative – it allows new positive intentions and energy in. We can then celebrate the new home and make it your own. It will help to set intentions for your time spent in the home and charge up the energy of the space. A great housewarming present!

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